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Bulldozers Shenwa

Bulldozers of the offered trade mark combine high reliability and high technical characteristics. We provide guarantee and post guarantee service of the sold cars on bases of our clients.

the Basic characteristics of bulldozers of trade mark SHENWA


the Description: the Description: the Description: the Description: SD8B


the Description: the Heavy industrial bulldozer 20 classes SHEHWA SD 8 (relatives under characteristics Models: Caterpillar D 8 R , Komatsu D 155 A , SHANTUI SD 32, Промтрактор Т25.01 and ЧТЗ ДЭТ-250 ) - the modern bulldozer with the best parity The price-productivity. In the bulldozer SD 8 B modern technologies are applied: a modular design - simplifying Service and the reducing cost price of the bulldozer, running part of the triangular Forms, type «краулер» - for the first time applied on bulldozers Caterpillar . The running part differs   the lifted onboard reducer, that Provides its protection against vibrations and durability and as provides The best tjagovo-coupling characteristics in the given class and high efficiency. The bulldozer SHEHWA  SD 8 B it is completed with the licence engine CUMMINS . It is delivered in an export make.


Operation: Statistics of operation   SHEHWA  SD 8 B in various climatic conditions in Russia has confirmed the high Productivity of the bulldozer, profitability and operation possibility in all Temperature ranges from +40 to-40 hailstones. S.Hodovaja supposes a part Use of elements running the bulldozer Caterpillar  D 8.

Application:   the bulldozer SHEHWA SD 8 it is applied both in building, and in the mining The industries, gold mining and other works demanding the big Productivity. Has well proved in mining branch.

Advantages: High efficiency in the class. Minimum запровочные volumes   onboard reducers and transmission, The increased interservice intervals, allow considerably (to 30 %) to reduce Expenses on lubricants   in comparison with bulldozers of the classical scheme.   Low Cost of elements of a running part (a caterpillar chain, skating rinks basic, directing Wheels), at the operation term, coming nearer to terms of operation of elements Running part of known world manufacturers.

the Specification

Max traction effort, кН 380
Pressure upon a ground, кПа
Width of a track, mm 2083
Min a road clearance, Mm   556
Work at a bias
-Longitudinal 30º
- Cross-section 25º
Dimensions (with рыхлителем), mm 7751× 3940× 3549

the Engine

Model Cummins NT 855 C 360 S 10
Type with water cooling, 6-cylinder
Capacity, kw / about /mines 235/2100

the Running part

Number of basic skating rinks (from each party) 8
Number of supporting skating rinks (from each party) 1
Step, mm 216
Width of a boot, mm 560

Speed 1st 2nd 3rd

the Lobby km /ch 0-3 0-6 0-10.8

Back km/h 0-4 0-8 0-13.9

equipment Hydrosystem

Max pressure in system, МПа 22.5
Pump type lamellar, двухлопастной


Type однозубый
Weight, kg 4500
Max заглубление, mm 1150
Max height Raisings, mm 830


the Description: the Description: the Description: the Description: http://www.hbxg.com/manage/Editor/UploadFile/2004102516929734.jpg


the Description: Bulldozer SHEHWA SD7 (relatives under model characteristics: Caterpillar D 7, Komatsu D85A-8, SHANTUI SD 22, SD 23, Промтрактор Т 15 and ЧТЗ 12) one of the most qualitative and highly productive bulldozers in the class, differs the high Durability of a frame and reliability of knots. In the bulldozer SD 7 it is applied   modern     the modular design simplifying access to To units and their service рогрессивная a running part Type   «краулер» With the lifted onboard reducer, provides the best tjagovo-coupling Characteristics in the given class. The bulldozer is completed with the licence engine Cummins  NTA 855 C 280. The bulldozer is delivered in an export make.

Operation: More than 5 summer operating experience of bulldozers SHEHWA  SD 7   in Russia has proved High efficiency, productivity, reliability. An operating time of a running part Has made from   4000 and till 5000 o'clock before replacement that comes nearer to service life Running part of the technics, known world manufacturers. A running part Supposes use of elements running the bulldozer Caterpillar  D 7. The bulldozer SHEHWA SD 7 thanks to an optimum parity Productivity, quality and reliability uses a great demand in Russian Federations, it is exported more than to 20 countries of the world.

Application: the bulldozer SHEHWA SD 7 it is universal, it can perform work, with Which bulldozers 10 classes (loosening грунтов 5-6 classes do not consult Hardness), is thus more mobile, than bulldozers 20 - 25   a class.   It is applied as in Building, and in the mining industry, gold mining, land improvement And other works demanding the big productivity. Has well recommended Itself in mining branch.

Advantages. High efficiency: the bulldozer 15 traction classes SD 7 on productivity Surpasses 2-3 bulldozers 10 classes, slightly concedes on Productivity to bulldozers 20 classes. It is effective at loosening грунтов 5-6 Hardness classes. Profitability: the minimum refuelling volumes   onboard reducers And the transmissions, the increased interservice intervals, allow considerably (to 30 %) to cut down expenses on lubricants   in comparison with bulldozers of the classical scheme. Mobility: the bulldozer is transported with the removed sailing in the semitrailer, грузопольемностью less than 30 tons.


the Engine

engine Model CUMMINS NTA 855 C 280 S 10

diesel, with the liquid Cooling, рядный, vertical, 4-taktnyj, 6-cylinder, diameter 140 mm

Capacity, л.с ./кВт 251 / 185

the Running part

Трак has the triangular form. The driving wheel is lifted. Is available on 2 directing wheels in a forward and back part of a frame, on 7 basic skating rinks and on 1 supporting skating rink from each party. Possibility of installation of caterpillars of various width.

Speed 1st 2nd 3rd

the Lobby km /ch               0-3 0-6 0-10.9

Back km/h               0-4 0-8 0-13.2

Additional options

the Cabin protection ROPS and the conditioner

the Face-to-face hinged equipment

the Back hinged equipment



the Description:

In a basis Bulldozer HBXG SHEHWA SD6G designs bulldozer Caterpillar concept is put D6 - Very successful design which has become by a prototype for such known Bulldozers as ЧТЗ T130, Т170, Komatsu D65A8 and imitations of some the world Manufacturers. Bulldozer SD6G it is equipped with unpretentious and reliable licence engine C6121 (on Technologies CAT 3306) with an operating time to capital repairs about 15000 motor-hours. In Transmissions the hydrotransformer providing elastic transfer is applied The twisting moment from the engine to a check point that allows to maintain the bulldozer To machine operators with the minimum operational experience. Шестигранная a cabin of the bulldozer, Provides the fine review, it is equipped with a convenient adjustable armchair, intuitively Clear handles of management.



More than The 5-year-old operational experience of bulldozers SD6G in the conditions of the Russian climate has shown, That bulldozers SD6G possesses excellent durability, high manoeuvrability and Productivity, переучивание machine operators from bulldozers CHTZ occurs in Current of 2 hours. Engine C6121 is unpretentious to quality of fuel, The electrostarter provides confident start at temperatures to-20 degrees With , without use of a prestarting heater of the engine.



Bulldozer SD6G Having a little smaller weight, than bulldozers TY165-2 and TY165-3 differs большей manoeuvrability that allows to maintain it in the limited Spaces of small building sites or open-cast mines, service зимников (In a variant болотоходного executions SD6PS). At the expense of application of 7 basic Skating rinks from each party, bulldozer SD6G has fine tjagovo-coupling Characteristics.



In comparison With other bulldozers 10 classes, bulldozer SD6G possess большей Manoeuvrability, high tjagovo-coupling characteristics, simplicity Managements, reliability of a design of the operation checked up by years


the Specification

Type: the Bulldozer

Operational weight of 16100 kg. (Without рыхлителя)

Width of a sailing of 3297 mm

Productivity of a sailing of 4,5 m. cubic

the Move. заглубление a sailing of 592 mm

Dimensions ( ДхШхВ ) 5037х3270х3077

the Engine

the Name C 612 ZG 55

Capacity 119кВт/1900 about ин

the Running part

suspension bracket Type: Semifixed with балансирной a beam and springs

Number of basic skating rinks from each party 7 шт

Number of supporting skating rinks from each party 2шт.

Width of a boot of 560 mm

Speed 1st 2nd 3rd

the Lobby km /ch 0-4 0-6 0-10.9

Back km/h 0-4 0-8 0-12.9

Hydraulic system

the Basic pump: Шестерёнчатого type
Oil stream, l/mines: 160
Pressure in system, МПа: 3,1


Type: hydraulic adjustment

the Corner, °: 45Мах. заглубление, mm: 592

the Move. Lifting height, mm: 830


the Description: the Description: the Description: the Description: http://www.hbxg.com/manage/Editor/UploadFile/200412158228132.jpg

the Description: the Bulldozer 10 traction classes SHEHWA  TY 165-2 (relatives on To characteristics: Т-170, Б10 ЧТЗ, Т-11 Четра Промтрактор, D6 Caterpillar, D65 Komatsu. Shantui SD16) - it is constructed under the classical scheme. It is the bulldozer The second generation, designed taking into account operation of the previous model ульдозер SHEHWA  TY165-2 it is executed   on the modern To technologies, has hydromechanical transmission. Inclusion in structure Hydrotransformer transmissions were simplified by management of the bulldozer, has increased The transferred twisting moment, has reduced loadings by the engine and a box Transfers that has positively affected reliability and durability of all Designs. The bulldozer is completed with updating of modern engine WD10G178E15 (Licence STEYR, widely known in Russia as WD615),   the manufacturer The engine, WEICHAI  POWER, sounds a resource of an operating time of 30 000 motor-hours to Major repairs. The bulldozer is delivered in an export make.


Operation: Statistics of 5 years of operation   bulldozers TY165-2 in the various Climatic conditions in Russia has shown, that on reliability and service life Elements of a running part, bulldozer TY165-2 surpasses the domestic technics. And nbsp; in Conditions at which bulldozers with a mechanical box fail Transfers, bulldozers TY165-2 at the expense of hydrotransformer application,   easily Cope   work. Terms of operation of caterpillars, skating rinks, segments, Directing wheels depending on conditions of operation and грунтов, makes 3500-4000 motor-hours of an operating time, that good enough result for bulldozers The given price category.   cost of spare parts for bulldozers TY165-2, TYS165-2 Slightly differs from cost of spare parts to bulldozers Domestic production, but thus have considerably больший a resource Operation. The running part supposes use of elements of running part Caterpillar


Application: It is the most demanded on operational and technical To characteristics the bulldozer. It is applied in building, mining Branches, gold mining, a forestry and land improvement, нефтегазодобыче. Performed works: a hydroalluvium, планировочные works, вскрышные works, Moving of cargoes, loosening грунтов to IV category inclusive, etc.


Advantages: Bulldozer SHEHWA  TY165-2 provides high efficiency for The class. The minimum operational expenses, it is simple in management and Service that allows to maintain to its bulldozer drivers with the minimum Operational experience. Mobility: the bulldozer is transported with the removed sailing in The semitrailer, not exceeding the resolved road dimension.


the Specification

Operational weight (with рыхлителем), kg 19400

Max traction effort, кН 139.6

Pressure upon a ground, кПа 69.2

Width of a track, mm 1880

the Road clearance, mm 352.2

Work at a bias, º 30

Productivity of a sailing, м³ 4.5

Width of a sailing, mm 3297

Заглубление a sailing, mm 420

Dimensions, mm 5236× 3297× 3160

the Engine

Model WD 10 G 178 E 15

Type 6-cylinder, with the water Cooling, рядный, vertical,     4-taktnyj, турбированный

Working volume, lighted 9.7

Capacity, kw/ob.min 131/1850

Max the rotating moment, Н*м/об.мин 830/1000-1200

the fuel Expense, гр /kw * ч 240

the Running part

Basic skating rinks (from each party) 6

Supporting skating rinks (from each party) 2

Width of a boot, mm 500

the Step, mm 203

Speed 1st 2nd 3rd

the Lobby km /ch 0-3 0-6 0-11.40

Back km/h 0-4 0-7 0-13.87

Hydraulic system

Max pressure in system, МПа         12

pump Type                                                                           2-planimetric

the Exit of system, lits/mines 190


Трехзубый рыхлитель, ( дл× ш )   mm 1580× 2020

Max lifting height рыхлителя, mm 510

Max заглубление рыхлителя, mm 550



the Description: the Description: the Description: the Description: T165-2a

the Bulldozer HBXG 10 traction classes it is executed on technology Komatsu ( Komatsu D65-A8). It is the most demanded on To the technical characteristics the bulldozer. It is applied in building, Mining branch, forestry and land improvement.

the Core Difference of bulldozer HBXG TY 165-2 from the bulldozer Т 165-2 The transmission structure is included the hydrotransformer that affects decrease Loadings on the engine and increase in productivity of works. The bulldozer Differs high quality of manufacturing and reliability in comparison with Similar bulldozers of the Russian and Chinese manufacture.

the Bulldozer SHEHWA HBXG TY165-2 it is made with use of import technologies for Operation in especially difficult conditions.

the Engine WD615T1-3B It is made on technology and licences STEYR (Austria) and is it Analogue, a hydraulic control system and the hydraulics monitoring system Guarantee reliable work SHEHWA HBXG TY165-2 on грунтах from the lowered bearing Ability.

the Bulldozer SHEHWA HBXG TY165-2 easily gathers and under repair thanks to the block Designs. Working equipment SHEHWA HBXG TY165-2 is combined with system Managements РРС with a negative feedback that allows to save up energy And it is easy to operate with remote control. Basic skating rinks of caterpillars Incorporate to a frame through elastic buffers, thanks to it raises them износоустойчивость, car jolting on a rough ground goes down, increases The area of coupling of a caterpillar with a ground and force of dredging at bad operating conditions.

Шестигранная Cabin SHEHWA HBXG TY165-2 increases a visibility range, and special The isolating material lowers noise and vibration. The self-rotating fuel filter, The air filter with a dust separator and the indicator, other filters easily Are established and replaced. Ergonomically located control systems The engine, course and a brake pedal allow the operator to operate easily and conveniently Bulldozer SHEHWA HBXG TY165-2.

the Specification

Operational weight, kg 17900

Max. Traction effort, кН (adhesion factor: 0,9) 157,9

Specific pressure upon a ground, кПа 69,3

the Track of caterpillars, mm 1880

the Minimum road gleam, mm 352,5

Overcome lifting, a hailstones 30/25

Capacity of a sailing, м3 4,9

Width of a sailing, mm 3762

Maximum заглубление a sailing, mm 400

the External sizes ( ДхШхВ ), mm 5566х3762х3160

the Engine

Model WD 10 G 178 E 15

rotation Rated speed, ob./minute 1800

Capacity on a flywheel, кВт130

Quantity of cylinders - diameter x a course, mm 6 - ø 126 x 130 6 - ø 135 x 150

the fuel Expense, г/кВт*ч and #8804; 225

Max. The twisting moment (at 1200-1300 ob./minutes), Nanometer 870 838

the Method of start the Electrostarter, 24В

the Running part

Type Герметизированные the greased caterpillars with single грунтозацепами

a caterpillar Step, mm 203

Width of a boot, mm 500

Length of a caterpillar on a ground, mm 2570

the Road gleam, mm 352.5

the Track, mm 1880

the Overcome bias, ° 30 ° / 25 °

Speed 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

the Lobby km /ch 0-2 0-3 0-5 0-7 0-10.64

Back km/h 0-3 0-4 0-7 0-10.53

Hydraulic system

Working pressure, МПа 12

Intensity нашгнетания (at 1800 ob./minutes), l/mines 190

the Supercharger Doubled шестеренчатый the pump

Positions of the operating valve П однимать to hold, To lower, empty

the Chassis

the Leading asterisk Segment

Quantity of supporting rollers, on the party 2

Quantity of basic rollers, on the party 6

a caterpillar Tension Г идравлически regulated



the Description: the Description: the Description: the Description: T140-2a

T140-1 it is designed under the special order. Strong assemblage T140-1 Well approaches for work in heavy conditions. Шестигранная cabin T140-1 Increases a visibility range, and the special isolating material lowers noise and Vibration. The self-rotating fuel filter, the air filter with the dust Separator and the indicator, others Filters are easily established and replaced. Ergonomically located systems Engine management, a course and a brake pedal allow the operator easily and It is convenient to operate bulldozer T140-1.

the Specification

the Sailing a straight line

the Minimum backlash under The bottom ( mm ) 400

Pressure upon a ground (МПа) 0.065

Work at a bias (°) 30

Distance between The centres of caterpillars ( mm ) 1880

a drawing Prism ( m ³) 30

Productivity ( m ³) 225

Width of a sailing ( mm ) 3297

sailing Height ( mm ) 1130

the Maximum depth Dredging ( mm ) 320

bulldozer Gross weight 16500

Рыхлитель 3 стоич .

the Engine

Model (a standard complete set) WD 10 G 156 E 16

rotation Rated speed 1800 about /mines

Rated power 103 Kw

Quantity of cylinders / a piston course 6 / 130 mm

the Minimum expense of fuel 220 г / кВч

the Maximum rotating moment 756 Nanometer /1260 about /mines

the Running part

Bearing skating rinks on 2 from each party

Basic skating rinks on 6 from each party

Width of a link 508 mm

Specific pressure upon a ground 65кПа

Speed 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

the Lobby km /ch 0-2 0-3 0-5 0-7 0-10.61

Back km/h 0-3 0-4 0-7 0-10.53

Hydraulic system

the Maximum pressure of system ( MPa )                                   11.76    

the Form of the oil pump                                                   CBF - E 100

Volume вытекания systems ы AND #65288; L / min AND #65289;                                   180

the Power transmission

the Hydrotransformer: single-level, Single-phase, three-element

Transmission: planetary transfer, Compulsory greasing

the Main drive: single-level, Conic cogwheel, greasing разбрызгиванием

the Onboard friction clutch: multidisk, The spring clip, hydraulic support, is combined with a brake

the Brake: lamellar, a pedal with Hydraulic support

Final transfer: cylindrical прямозубое a wheel, Two-level fall of speed, greasing разбрызгиванием.



the Description: the Description: the Description: the Description: SD9 and # 26032; 1 and # 32972;